My senior thesis, “Blackout” is coming up, and I need funding for production! I know, I don’t stack up to the hundreds of fandom content out there, what with PROFESSIONALS working on shows, but this is my life, my project coming up, and I am simply a student trying to finish his thesis.

"Two warring factions in an apocalyptic society: those who wish to bring color back to the world, and those who want to snuff it out completely."

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Anonymous asked: Saw your campaign posting on Idiegogo. As far as I can tell, you're not directing the sci-fi short -- or you are but it's not your main interest as much as SFX. Either way, I'm wondering if perhaps I should direct it. If I like the script enough (or work on it to the point where I like it), I could direct and produce by funding it with a single check if all that's needed is $6K for the budget. (My short starring David Hyde Pierce cost me $12K. Look up on IMDB: Laud Weiner.) philms AT gmail

Trust me, if that were the case I’d totally be down for it. Truth is, I do have a director, and I’m already cutting corners in curriculum to have me be “acting creative director” and still count as my project. Otherwise, if I had not written this story specifically to cater to my FX background, this wouldn’t count as my thesis. I’d have to work on several other projects as editor. Plus, they’re only allowing students help out. I’d hate to risk it.

But thank you, thank you so much for the offer. Please, if you could, I really could use your donation nonetheless. I have full confidence in my crew and in myself to finish this project to the highest calibur. Unless mvwbrig is you, then thank you so very much for the help. It’s gonna be a hell of a project. :)


I am participating in this competition, one film in one week! This is our video! if you liked it, please click vote HERE!!!!

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SIGNAL BOOST! Help these kids (bump)


Hey guys,

so my university (Drexel University in Philadelphia PA) has some strong ties with Haiti and post earthquake relief efforts. Mostly we send nursing students down to local clinics but one of the staff here has gotten involved with Love Orphanage.

Love Orphanage is a small orphanage in Port au Prince. It has 18 children and ONE staff. The man that runs the orphanage started it with no ones help and very little money and he also lives full time with the children. They were donated space for housing but the owner has decided to re-purpose the building and is kicking them out. To find a new place to live, Love Orphanage needs to be able to pay a years rent up front and in cash. That might sound strange but with the poor economy in Haiti, that is how they go about it. They need $4000 to make that happen. My school has raised a little over $2000 so far and there are 19 days left. If you can donate, please do so. These kids have never known a safe home where they could be clean, clothed and feed before being at Love Orphanage and if they can’t find somewhere to live, these kids will be back on the streets. Even the smallest amount would be helpful. If you can’t donate then reblog and promote. You can donate online here.

I’ll be visiting Haiti in a few weeks and will be visiting with these kids. We plan on bringing cloths, soap, shoes, etc. If tumblr can get people new laptops and fluffy chickens, I hope it will help these kids get the money for a home.

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“Upload is a short film about a scientist who creates a robot with the consciousness of his deceased wife. Her recent suicide has left him in a prison of his own depression with only his robotics lab as an outlet for his pain.  The film will be a mix of Sci-Fi and human drama as the robot transitions from unfeeling to human levels of emotions.  Drawing upon PortalBabble, and Requiem for a Dream for inspiration for both, film technique and art direction, the film promises to be a heart wrenching 5 minutes of media.”


It sound awesome. It LOOKS awesome, and I’m gonna be helping out. She needs some supporters! Donate a dollar today! Or more, for some sweet merch! :D

I had to wait an hour and a half.

So I made this.

Send help.

1,000 notes and I will do a drunken Homestuck read.


And I’ll stream it.

Cuz I don’t get homestuck.

And I dont want to be alone while reading it. 


This was wayyyy too much fun. xD


so I was working on this map of alaska for my job

and I found this island

it looks so… disgusted


I still think Mitt Romney looks like Redd White from Ace Attorney.

Someone please take photoshop away from me.


I still think Mitt Romney looks like Redd White from Ace Attorney.

Someone please take photoshop away from me.

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Motivational Bane. :D

Motivational Bane. :D